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Gary Bakken’s Publications

Gary has published a number of texts and articles related to his fields of expertise, including:

Ball  Bakken, G.M., H. Harvey Cohen, Jon R. Abele, Alvin Hyde, Cindy A. LaRue. Slips, Trips, Missteps and Their Consequences, Second Edition, 2007.

Ball  Karwowski, Waldemar, G.M. Bakken contributing author. Human Factors Issues in Product Liability: An Overview. Chapter Title: “Human-Centric Approach to Forensic Analysis for System Liability”. New York: CRC Press, 2004.

Ball  Hyde, Alvin S., G.M. Bakken, Jon R. Abele, H. Harvey Cohen, Cindy A. LaRue. Falls and Related Injuries: Slips, Trips, Missteps and their Consequences. Tucson: Lawyers & Judges Publishing Company, June 2002.

Ball  Bakken, G.M. OSHA’s Plan to Reduce Ergonomics Injuries. Inside Tucson Business, April 22-28, 2002.

Ball  Bakken, G.M. and Jon R. Abele. Innkeeper’s Liability Management. Tucson: Lawyers & Judges Publishing Company, 1995.

Ball  Bakken, G.M. Human Factors/Ergonomics in Litigation. Nevada Lawyer, 1(3), March, 1993.

Ball  Garg, A., G.M. Bakken and U. Saxena. Effect of Restraint Type and Height on Functional Arm Reach. The Journal of the Human Factors Society, 24(3), June 1983.

Ball  Bakken, G.M. Case Technology Management: Key to Practice Productivity? Pima County Bar Association: THE WRIT, January, 1983.

Ball  Bakken, G.M. PI, Product Liability Litigants Examine Human Factors. Pima County Bar Association: THE WRIT, October, 1982.

Ball  Ayoub, M.M., A. Mital, G.M. Bakken, S.S. Asfour, and N.J. Bethea. Development of Strength and Capacity Norms for Manual Materials Handling Activities: State of the Art. The Journal of the Human Factors Society, 22(3), June 1980.

Ball  Ayoub, M.M. and G.M. Bakken. An Ergonomic Analysis of Selected Sections in Subpart D Walking and Working Surfaces, Report to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Washington, D.C.. 1978.

Ball  Ayoub, M.M., N.J. Bethea, S. Deivanayagum, S. Panwalker, S.S. Asfour, G.M. Bakken, D. Liles, A. Mital, and M. Sherif. Determination and Modeling of Lifting Capacity. Report to NIOSH (DHEW). Cincinnati, OH. 1978.

Ball  Mital, A., M.M. Ayoub, S.S. Asfour, G.M. Bakken and N.J. Bethea, Relationship between Lifting Capacity and Injury in Occupations Requiring Lifting, 1978 Annual Human Factors Society Conference. Detroit, Michigan.

Ball  Ayoub, M.M., S. Deivanayagum, and G.M. Bakken. A Preliminary Manual for Selected Anthropometric, Strength and Endurance Measurements. Texas Tech University. Lubbock, Texas. 1977.

Ball  Bakken, G.M. Safety Manual: Coating Operations. 3M Company. Brookings, South Dakota. 1976.

Ball  Bakken, G.M. and R.J. Johnson. Hazardous Spill Procedures. 3M Company. Brookings, South Dakota. 1976.

Ball  Bakken, G.M. Safety Tips for Hoist Operations (Tape-Cassette-Slides). 3M Company. St. Paul, Minnesota. 1975.

Ball  Bakken, G.M. Establishing Criteria for Assigning Personnel to Air Force Jobs Requiring Heavy Work. Texas Tech University, July 1978.


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