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Gary Bakken’s Projects

Gary has participated in or completed numerous projects for clients, including:

Ball  Performed a worksite evaluation and recommendation for St Paul Fireman’s Fund.

Ball  Performed a worksite and work design evaluation and recommendation for LaPosada Healthcare-Green Valley.

Ball  Performed worksite training and analysis for Walbro Engine Management.

Ball  Performed a worksite analysis for Brown and Caldwell.

Ball  Performed coefficient of friction testing for the University of Arizona, McKale Center.

Ball  Participated in the Research Integrations, Inc. Job Aid Task Order 3 for the FAA, Tempe, AZ.

Ball  Performed Coefficient of friction testing for Macton, Inc. , Mercer Island, WA.

Ball  Performed a biomechanics, ergonomics and materials handling analysis for the City of Mesa, AZ Fire Department.

Ball  Participated in the Research Integrations, Inc. AATT Safety Analysis, Tempe, AZ.

Ball  Performed coefficient of Friction Testing of self-adhesive substrates for Metromedia Technologies, Inc.

Ball  Performed assessment of the technical and commercial aspects of an integrated computer workstation for Minnesota Technology, Inc.

Ball  Performed a human factors analysis for commercial aircraft flight deck certification job aid for the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

Ball  Performed a human factors analysis of flight deck and cockpit layouts in spacecraft for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).

Ball  Performed an ergonomics and materials handling analysis for Intel Corporation.

Ball  Performed an ergonomic assessment for the purposes of identifying means to reduce or eliminate musculoskeletal stressors, particularly those related to CTS and UTS diagnosis for Paul Revere Insurance Company.

Ball  Performed a task analysis for Samsonite Corporation.

Ball  Presented cumulative trauma disorder training courses for the Arizona Power Cooperative, Inc.

Ball  Performed a human factors and safety product design consultation for AGM, Inc.

Ball  Performed research and development of specification techniques and instrumentation for realistic decoys for Lighting Sciences Incorporated.

Ball  Provided program management and human factors/ergonomics and safety design analysis for the United States Army's proposed Automated Printed Circuit Board Repair Facility, Sacramento, CA.

Ball  Performed human factors and systems safety in mining and mining related operations for Hammersley Mining Company.

Ball  Performed human factors and systems safety analysis for prototype design of F-15 and F-16 decoys for Duradyne, Inc.

Ball  Performed human factors training in fossil-fired power plant design, operations and maintenance analysis for the Public Service Company of New Mexico.

Ball  Participated in the Identification, evaluation, and utilization of human-computer interface characteristics pertinent to the development of a user instruction and operational manual for a computerized mortgage origination and processing system for Norwest Mortgage, Inc.

Ball  Performed an ergonomic lifting task capacity determination as a function of task variables for Texas Tech University.

Ball  Performed an ergonomic analysis of the characteristics of an ergonomically designed computer workstation table edge for John Klaasens Designs.

Ball  Participated in work definition and evaluation for manual assembly of circuit boards for Burr-Brown Research Corporation.

Ball  Presented an accident control workshop for the Arizona Hospital Association and Southern Arizona Hospital Safety and Security Committee.

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